Michael Uston

Michael Uston is founder and managing partner of Elba Holding GmbH. Before setting up Elba Holding, Michael worked on the Austrian and Eastern European Real Estate market, where he worked primarily in the areas of investment management and project development. Michael holds a degree in business administration.

Michael has been active in the real estate investments and development sector in Germany since 2011. Since 2012, he has been concentrating on building up a national portfolio focusing on residential and commercial properties.


Elba-Holding Manager Michael Uston


Dominic Matuschak

Responsible for acqisitions, Due Diligence and strategical planning

Dominic Matuschak has an extensive experience for over 20 years in the sector of real estate management, acquisitions, Due diligence as well as development of high size residential properties.

Elba-Holding Responsible for acqisitions, Due Diligence and strategical planning, Mr. Dominic Matuschak


Rafael Uston

Dr Rafael Uston is a legal expert with a profound education and expertise in diverse legal questions.
He served as head of legal department in reputable international firms.

Elba-Holding legal expert, Mr. Rafael Uston

Andreas Gerber

Project management, Refurbishment and contsruction

Andreas Gerber has a profound technical education with an extensive experience in management and controlling of real estate developments.

Elba-Holding Project management, Refurbishment and contsruction, Mr. Andreas Gerber


Anja Beissert

Accounting and portfolio managment

Mrs. Anja Beissert has a profound experience and knowledge in management of residential portfolios.

EElba-Holding Accounting and portfolio managment, Mrs. Anja Beissert


Jonas Knepper

Monitoring and supervision of the commercial real estate portfolio.

Mr. Jonas Knepper has a comprehensive education and experience in the management of commercial and residential real estate.

Elba-Holding Monitoring and supervision of the commercial real estate portfolio, Mr. Jonas Knepper