We apply a wide variety of approaches and concepts in order to maintain and increase the value of our properties: whether that is by making the right purchase, employing well-thought-out and tailored financing concepts, implementing strategic asset management, or simply selling at the right time. We combine our expertise and our experience with the high performance of our network along the whole value chain of the Real Estate sector. We base our decisions on our own analyses of the property, the location and the market as well as on the forecasts of market trends derived from that. A number of our properties are held by our sister company Vertex Investments GmbH.

added value

Our goal is to create bundled added value and synergies for all the players involved. We act carefully and in confidence, but also efficiently and transparently in this process. The result is a win-win-win situation:

Win 1 for the financing banks:

We create added value by reducing risks, which allows the credit margins to be predicted over a long term.

Win 2 for our tenants:

Our private residential tenants enjoy a comfortable home, our commercial tenants generate higher sales from having attractive properties in good and visible locations.

Win 3 for us as investors:

As investor, we benefit from satisfied partners and sustainably high returns.


We provide our equity capital from our own liquid funds. We obtain loan capital from an extensive network of financing banks as well as private and institutional investors. In the process, we ensure a high degree of transparency and define clear targets to present to our financing partners.


We are close to our properties and close to our tenants.

Our goal is to create a sustainable, future-oriented portfolio, the value of which increases continually. We achieve this by implementing a refined due diligence process, targeted asset management and tailored portfolio management and by constantly maintaining our portfolio. This is built on our own expertise and our national network of consultants and services providers drawn from all fields of the Real Estate industry.